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I’m not a Perfect Mom, I just play one on-line

Barbie MomI read an interesting article today called Beware of Mommy Instagramming and it got me thinking:

  • Why do I post pictures to Facebook and Instagram?  Do I do it to chronicle my life and my kids lives or do I do it to show off to my friends?  I think that I do it to chronicle my life and my kids lives, but I have to admit that I have a couple of times posted pictures to show off.
  • How real are the moments and how much of it is staged? All the moments I post are real, just like this one yesterday morning, with no makeup.  Although I do not stage my photos, I don’t post photos of my husband’s dirty socks or my kid’s dirty closets.

Social Media gives us a glimpse into our friend’s lives, but only what they choose to show.   I know that this is true and I have to always remember that when I am comparing my life to what I see on Facebook, that I am comparing my “Behind the Scenes” to their “Highlight Reel”.

Studies have proven that Facebook and other forms of social media can lead to depression and anxiety, including one earlier this year that found that one in three Facebook users felt worse after visiting the site.  I am not a perfect mom, right now I have loads of dirty clothes to wash and loads of clean clothes to put away, I am still at the office and have not made it home yet to see my family.  I hope that I don’t play a perfect mom on-line.  I just want to show my true life (maybe not all the messy stuff!).

are you in the picture?

one of my good friends posted a link to this great article this week titled “The Mom Stays in the Picture“.  as usual, my friend’s link was very timely, with my youngest son’s birthday party a week from today.  I had told my husband earlier this week that I was planning on just taking pictures at the birthday party and not being very social (I’m not much of a social butterfly, when my depression is acting up).  after reading this article, I decided that I need to play with my son at his birthday party and make sure I’m in a picture or two!

karate and mommy guilt

Ed Karateso, I’m also going to use this blog as a place to confess my mommy guilt.  my youngest, ed, is in karate (this is all new for us) and he is supposed to be doing 3 chores everyday, along with some other things as part of his karate disipline.  well, he’s been going to karate for about a month now and we just haven’t gotten around to giving him any chores to do.  each time after class some of the kids stay and have to tell the instructors what their chores were and if they did the other things.  ed always manages to duck out of this part, but tonight, they asked him to stay.  when he said that he did not do his chores, the head instructor came over and talked to him and took 2 stripes off his belt.  it physically hurt me when he ripped the stripes off his belt because he had worked so hard to earn them and it was partly my fault for not giving him the chores to begin with (although he never asked about them either).  I was also worried that this would make him want to give up on karate, but it took it all in stride and he now has his 3 chores and a sheet to remind him of all the things he needs to do.  he really is a good kid!

ever feel like everyone else is pregnant?

Pregnant ParentsI looked at my facebook page today and 2 of my friends had posted that they were pregnant with their 3rd child.  while I wanted to be really happy for them and share in their joy, part of me just wanted to pout and say “why can’t I be pregnant with my 3rd child?  when, if ever, is it going to be my turn to share that news?”  so here’s my question to anyone who may be reading this, how do you handle friends/relatives pregnancies when you are trying to get pregnant yourself?

where I am

You are here

I’m not going to start out this blog by telling you my life story, I am going to simply start with where I am today.  I think I started my period again today.  it’s been coming like clockwork ever since about 3 months after I stopped taking lupron.  the thing is it always feels like such a disappointment, like once again I failed to get pregnant.  periods are no fun to begin with, but add in the extra disappointment of not getting pregnant and it can be very hard to take.  wonder if any other infertile women feel the same way?  I wonder if anyone will even read this blog?