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ever feel like everyone else is pregnant?

Pregnant ParentsI looked at my facebook page today and 2 of my friends had posted that they were pregnant with their 3rd child.  while I wanted to be really happy for them and share in their joy, part of me just wanted to pout and say “why can’t I be pregnant with my 3rd child?  when, if ever, is it going to be my turn to share that news?”  so here’s my question to anyone who may be reading this, how do you handle friends/relatives pregnancies when you are trying to get pregnant yourself?

where I am

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I’m not going to start out this blog by telling you my life story, I am going to simply start with where I am today.  I think I started my period again today.  it’s been coming like clockwork ever since about 3 months after I stopped taking lupron.  the thing is it always feels like such a disappointment, like once again I failed to get pregnant.  periods are no fun to begin with, but add in the extra disappointment of not getting pregnant and it can be very hard to take.  wonder if any other infertile women feel the same way?  I wonder if anyone will even read this blog?